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Raison de Entre: An election lasts for many days, if you include all the “special” votes and so on. Counting the votes takes a whole day, verifying them takes weeks. American Idol can collect 40 million publically verifiable and auditable votes in three minutes. No-one can hide corruption or vote-stealing on an open internet database.

Imagine a revolution that lasts three weeks and no-one has to die! And afterwards, no-one will ever be able to hijack our society anymore, and nuclear annihilation by foreign financial interests would be our only remaining fear.

And weather modification… But that’s another story.

A number of Anarchist sites seem to promote some sort of minimalist government to save what is left of society from the clutches of utter chaos and social degradation and utter anarchy. While they seem to wish that Anarchy is not chaos, they do seem to think it precludes structure. HERE LIES THE RUB WITH WISHY-WASHY THEOREMS; Anarchy is not chaos is not unstructured is not laissez faire.

 Anarchy as a political system will demand each citizen to take responsibility for their own actions, while ensuring accountability for all actions. WE CAN SEE YOU ON CC TEEVEE! Nothing can be forgiven for some only, nothing can be punished for some only, and nothing, NOTHING, is dependent upon the trustworthiness or otherwise of one single person. No-one has Divine Rights. There is no obeisance to some divinely appointed Hierarchy.

This is the promise of unfettered anarchy; total accountability and free movement of thought, resources, and the immediate sharing of all advances in all fields of human endeavour. For this, we need the technology currently used to spy on us by every entity that can afford to buy the services that spy on us. We might as well make all that information public, and strike a blow against those who seek to monetise and militarise our data.

One must be careful not to start writing manifestos, sometimes they are close enough to the truth and then someone with money gets hold of it and corrupts it for his own profit. I find dissonance between the usual writings of Karl Marx, and the Communist Manifesto credited to him. Likewise one must be careful to be clear and concise, which is only possible using dedicated phraseology, and a manifesto that uses words like ‘phraseology’ should rather be written in pencil.

Instead of a manifesto, let us offer instead some pointers towards some obvious, inexpensive, and really simple steps from technocratic oligarchy to an open anarchy within a very few weeks. Imagine a revolution that lasts three weeks and no-one has to die! And afterwards, no-one will ever be able to hijack our society anymore, and nuclear annihilation by foreign financial interests would be our only remaining fear. And weather modification… But that’s another story.

So, what is this easy revolution?  A TOTAL LOSS OF PRIVACY IN THE PUBLIC DATA SPHERE. The very well-publicised arguments around personal privacy versus public safety is a false dichotomy kept alive and important by senseless and circular arguments between porn addicts and congenital snitches who exercise their imaginary powers over peoples’ imaginary guilt complexes.


The sycophants who believe themselves to be of superior breeding stock, are even trying to ban message encryption on communication devices. Not only is this a naïve attempt at sphincter sucking, it is technically impossible to stop people from encoding messages, you might as well demand they think in a certain language. (Please tell us you did not believe WhatsApp really encrypted your messages beyond covert recovery, do you?)

What we propose is to stop the pretence of privacy on public networks, and use the technology to ensure that our society is served for the benefit of society, and not only ‘high society’. I will gladly give up all legal rights to privacy in public spaces, and in return I want one thing only: Constant, 24/7 live surveillance of all public servants.

This simple act would automatically result in the opening up of the public accounting system, with every single cent of public money accounted for in an open, read-only network, available to any bona fide citizen, at all times. No secrets, no corruption.

The arguments against this idea can go on forever, mostly by those who benefit most by the current system of fake secrecy and class-based information access. I am too poor to be considered in the elite’s plans, but I’m not too poor to die in their wars? Pull the other one, Bob. But let us talk about the things uncle Bob whispers to us:

Government is corrupt.

A government as such cannot be corrupt, the people who ‘run’ government get corrupted by someone not accountable to the population. This is done at secret meetings in secret locations at secret times. The obvious problem here is secrecy, so: A public servant , for the duration of holding office, may have NO SECRETS.

Government holds secrets of National Security value.

How many secrets are there in a modern government? What information does our Exalted Leader hold that would destroy the nation? The only secrets they really have, is their own corruption. Every one of them is trying to hold personal crimes from the public. A well informed populace will be free to weigh such a person’s administrative expertise against whatever act they are charged with. A criminal record is not necessarily indication of criminality, it could be just another sad by-product of the law-and-order  approach to justice. Experience has shown psychopaths to be notoriously good managers… Besides, what secret can you store on any device that cannot be hacked by a teenager?

Military secrets?

My gosh, warfare has been privatised to the point where all weapons manufacturers belong to one of three guys. Literally! Every secret weapons programme is designed, built, maintained and lately deployed and operated by private contractors. The only role government plays in war these days, is to hand over the public purse to pay for it. Human lives are acceptable currency in Those circles… or did you think our troops are really “Keeping the Peace” on Sierra Leone’s diamond fields. “Keeping a Piece” more likely.

But what about war tactics and such secrets?

The outcomes of the wars, as well as the excuses for starting the wars, are decided well in advance in places like London, New York and Hong Kong. Many countries avoid paying their internationalist war taxes by supplying ‘human resources’ for the war effort. Sometimes these ‘resources’  are soldiers, sometimes they are victims collateral damage. In meetings with international bankers and industrialists and money brokers, in places like Davos and Bilderberg, they meet behind closed doors and sell human flesh by the pound constituency.  The generals serve the government of the day, therefor, they do what those who go to Davos say. Besides, what sane General will share military secrets with a minister of parliament or any other official whatsoever? Only military officers can hold military secrets, the minister of public works stays on a need-to-know basis.

Trade secrets.

In a so-called free market, surely secrecy is counterproductive? So why then are trade agreements kept secret, from the public at least. Those trade rule ‘negotiations’ the public get to hear of, are negotiated and signed with no informed consent of the populace they supposedly serve. Unless you personally obtain real and immediate proof of a secret trade deal that advanced the people living on the resource for as much as 1% of the profits, please allow me to state that trade secrets are kept secret because the public would lynch the bastards who signed on their behalf, 9 times out of eight.

The whereabouts of our leaders should not be broadcast for security reasons.

What security reasons? What is it doing at a night club, beach party or whorehouse? If they need a whore, we will decide how much we are willing to pay how often, and invite it over to your suite in the government complex, where you will live all your term long. No parties in Washington or Hollywood, how the hell does a ruler of a country get time to go to Hollywood parties?

As for the lack of privacy with the whore? You signed up for public service, if you want to have privacy, resign and never be allowed to stand for election again, simple. While in office, you have no privacy, ever, because in the service of the nation, you will have no secrets, ever. You can have a whore, but no secrets.

This will move corrupt meetings down the ladder

A slightly revised corruptokleptocracy involving management at industrial level, kicking back up to government officials after they leave office? This already happens, it is called “revolving-door-politics”. This still requires secret dealings, so the obvious solution is to wire ALL public servants. A public servant is anyone in public service, and every public servant shall be appointed by suffrage. Is that the correct term?

Every public employee will be employed after popular vote. All hiring, firing, performance evaluation, disciplinarian issues and dismissals, shall happen after popular vote. Also, any entity that does business with my government, must abide by the same open public audit process. If you want tax money, then show us your books!

Contracts have non-disclosure clauses that must be obeyed

First of all, non-disclosure in the public domain is merely the smoke off unearned riches burning a hole in someone’s pocket. Without secret meetings, there remains nothing to disclose. Not only does a government have no excuse to deal in secret, I object to them dealing with suppliers who keep secrets. If you want a government contract, then open your books. If you have secrets to keep in your accounting, you are not eligible for public funding.

So, to sum up, anarchy is a viable political system, provided we glue a 24/7/365 camera to every public servant’s forehead, strap a microphone to its throat, and implant a tracking device in its ass for as long as we decide to keep it in office, with immediate dismissal by public vote at the drop of a hat.

That is the way we will have nobody thinking itself better than anybody else. That is the way to freedom and Anarchy: open the data up, let us all see what you bin hidin’, ‘cos we no longer believe your lies about Bin Ladin, and gas ovens, and terrorists with airplanes and eternal economic growth. You certainly ain’t gonna tell us you deserve to rule me like I’m scum because of some divine appointment or godly heritage that makes you more human than me. I am an Anarchist, I denounce your Hierarchy, a hierarchy of murderous thieves who hate humanity and wishes to eradicate us as useless eaters.

Your king was not anointed by any god I recognise, so we are all An-Archos, devoid of divine leadership in government, we are all born into Anarchy. Claim your existential rights under that system of a free humanity, unencumbered by religious superstition and economics theories, not beholden to priests or bankers. Anarchy is not chaos, but those who claim divine rights, rightly see in Anarchy the gaping mouth of Hell under their collective feet, a burning pit fired by the imaginations of billions of free human minds.

This is why they are drugging, poisoning and entertaining us into oblivion: There is no place for imagination in a Hive, there is no personality in a Hive, there is no free choice in a Hive. Every Hive has one Royal Presence, and all effort is spent on assuring the continued existence of that Royal Presence. All Effort is Spent on the Royal Presence. Can you see yet, why they hate Anarchy? The flames of individual freedom is burning under their feet, they know it, and their technology is the only thing standing between their murderous thievery and their just deserves.

Open up all public records, and so open up the burning pits of Hell under the feet of our corrupt political class.
Deny their Hierarchy, embrace Anarchy, and take public responsibility.