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Contrary to the opinions of people like Emmanuel Macron and his dirty uncles at EU headquarters, referenda are actually very much part of democracy. The total lack of outcry at these people dismissing a referendum as “…this is not democracy…” was astonishing, concerning, portentous and horrifyingly post-apocalyptic in its implications. Referenda not democratic? What is Democracy, then? My one dictionary says it is government “…from all classes, to the benefit of all classes…”. That sounds noble enough, but that merely demands class representation, but has no more substance than any other idea. Government is still corrupted, only now that corruption benefits criminals from all ‘social classes’, what a relief then, eh what?

So, then, how is Democracy enforced? The ballot box? The ones the Americans use, electronically programmed to steal elections, or the South African ones; cardboard boxes that mysteriously migrate into roadside ditches, unopened and uncounted? It is said the power of democracy lies not in those who vote, but in those who count the vote. It should be immediately obvious why we cannot rely on the counters of our votes to rule the world, especially since they are so easy to hack, and the rest habitually mislay ballots. Besides, thanks to the marvellous tradition of gerrymandering, the number of votes in any constituency depends mostly on the borders of that constituency and those deemed to live within those borders. This way, you create, from four constituencies, one full of ‘enemies’, two full of ‘friends’, and one ‘contested’, but you stuff the ballot with people living around the edges of the district …or graveyard. Sometimes, that ‘enemy’ voter block includes an entire landscape, except for three small enclaves with known political loyalties. You can never trust a politician.

Democracy has become synonymous  with Liberty.  Liberty has become synonymous with Freedom, and now we are encouraged to confuse Democracy with Freedom. Democracy is merely a theory on political participation. Also, Democracy must be separated from the issue of elections. Not only does the vote give you no choice as to which bunch of cronies you have to choose from, it also makes voting nothing more effective than a bunch of prisoners showing hands on their preferred method of execution; gallows or guillotine. By and of itself, The Vote is just a ritual we attend to every so many years. The process of voting, when conducted openly and honestly, serves to express public opinion, but it has no power to enforce public will. The public will is for honest government, yet we only get career criminals to vote for, and apparently, we like the one with the warmest smile on the election posters…

Another institution that has been conflated with Democracy, is the Presidency. The theory calls for a president to take executive control of government, assisted by a cabinet comprised of similarly elected persons. Current democratic dogma also calls on us to replace our president every four years or so, although some may survive a second election or even more. This supposedly protects the populace against any tyrant that attains power; after his term, we just do not vote for him! Problem is, the president is put forward, appointed, as it were, by his (majority) party. Even when you get to vote directly for president, you still have to choose amongst whomever the ruling mafias put before you. A second, even bigger problem, is that, should we accidentally end up with an honest, competent and patriotic president, he will like be ousted by his own party during the next election, there is no real way for the populace to retain his good services.

This whole farce of choosing the next puppet to justify the excesses of our elected officials, depends on what is surely the most dangerous of parasitical infestations upon the face of Democracy: Party Politics. Party politics is not democracy, it is really just a painted scab that has hung over Democracy for so long, we think this is what Democracy looks like. Party politics is institutionalised bullying, where all the bullies with overlapping interests band together, and then gang up on all the defenceless and ‘weak’ plebs. But it’s only for their own protection, you know… we all know how easily the investing classes lose their confidence. If democracy was truly a government from all classes to the benefit of all classes, why do we always end up with rich*, opportunistic misery-mongers in parliament? With party politics, you never vote for a candidate, you vote for his party, and no promises he makes can be kept, unless it is party policy, and party policy is always to the detriment of non-party parties. Most voting is done with a sense of “better the devil you know…” and most new voters come from their first election result with exactly the same emotions as those around a race track: “yeah, I was right!!!” …or wrong, how mean of the world.**

By Goodness, what is so wonderful about Democracy, then? Voting is, at best, a popularity contest amongst organised gangs of rapacious bullies. Not only does the audience pay dearly for the stage show of respectable statesmanship, we occasionally get to slaughter each other for the benefit of the stage actors’ entertainment. Although we get to choose between oppressive exploiters, they all share the urgent desire to save the world from overpopulation. Currently, nearly all education and welfare is aimed at preparing for the clean, obedient robots that will do all the work. All economic policy revolves around putting all economic activity onto the ‘Market’, a catch-all for all the different scams the financially enabled are using to confiscate all private wealth. All domestic policy revolves around Investor Confidence, a catch-all phrase for the privatisation of all public assets, which is really the loss of public wealth into the hands of private entities known and unknown, the confiscation of an entire nation’s possessions. If democracy was any good, we could merely vote these policies out of existence, surely, so why don’t we? What, I have to wait for the next election? By then the contract shutting down our steel industry will be signed and enforced… No questions? Okay then.

There is only one way for Honest Government to meet with Public Will on the playground of Democracy: The Enforced Referendum. By this is meant the right and power of the population to call an immediate referendum. If we do not like what the minister of education proposes to do, we collect enough signatures to have his action suspended until the referendum, held within one month. By this we do not mean the delivery of a strongly-worded letter to the President, begging for the implementation of our rights, and then he may decide on a referendum, no, the public, upon collecting a percentage of the constituency’s signatures, automatically triggers a full referendum. By the same token, if we do not like the way our public gardens are maintained, the janitor is open to direct sanction by municipal referendum. We can audit the guy who dusts the stop signs, should the need arise, and referendum his ass back to washing cars, if he can pass the interview. There would also be nothing to prevent said road-sign-duster to publicly apply for the job of sign superintendent, and we will have public record of his er, record? …And then we can all record our support or otherwise.  That would be true Democracy.

All elections can be cancelled: Once you have that cushy government job, it is yours for as long as you can manage it, but remember, the moment you eff up, we can have you on the pavement, ready for arrest if necessary, within one working month. We care not what or whom you are; if you accept public money for performing a public function, you shall be subject to public scrutiny and censure at all times. The City Engineer is as accountable for doing his job well, as is the Mayor and the person that vacuums his office carpet. To see how we will audit such a system, relax and find our articles on Anarchy, Electronic Privacy, Robot law and Translucent Government. It will cost almost nothing to set up, and the returns will be all the billions being stolen now, recovered and for always and evermore prevented to slip from view again.

There will be no need for political parties, each election shall be for individual candidates to do specific jobs, individual issues, individual causes, individual disputes as the need arise. Party-political canvassing will mean nothing in a system where we can vote monthly for the candidate with the best CV. Political parties will, of course, become ‘pressure groups’ and ‘lobbyists’, but they will have to conduct their business openly. Like any concerned citizen, they will have to collect the physical signatures of enough people to force a referendum on their issue. This way, we care not for people loyal to organisations that offer them power, give us actual practical ability and honest oversight, that’s what Democracy needs to live free.

Just remember, the spyglass Big Brother uses on us, is for us the spyglass into the window of his very soul, all we have to do is LOOK UP, and there he is, grinning like a maniac as he pulls the puppet strings. Remember, when they designed all computers to be hackable, for ‘purposes of national security’, they designed ALL computers to be hackable, including their own. We should let go of our demands for electronic privacy, and spend our resources going through the Government’s files. They are, after all, our own property. Those concerns about “State Secrets” are mostly just corruption hiding behind the bully’s power to hold the sandwich just beyond our collective reach. There are no state secrets, they’re the secrets and shenanigans of career criminals with their snouts in the public trough.


*There are poor politicians, initially. Some only become rich after their first ‘tenderpreneur’ success, granted, but usually, there is ‘old money’ in the background. Poor people also need campaign funding, you don’t get to Parliament without lots of moolah. Besides, to get to Parliament, you need to overcome at least three party-political filters: Municipal, Regional and Provincial seats, each appointment increasingly dependent upon your  unwavering Party membership. Finally, the National Election’s majority party shall appoint the Great Leader, with mere ceremony needed from and for the public.

**Youngsters tend to vote with their conscience, which is a problem in a game where the name of the game is to play on your emotions. Naivety often makes of elections a ‘team spirit’ type of exercise, and “losing” the election may cause serious emotional disturbance to an ego completely vested in “democratic rights”. In the Undeclared Soviet in America, when the Democrats lost, it was because democracy was not served. Can yoy imagine, an entire election process, and Democracy was Not Served! For real-life examples find post-announcement videos of Obama voters vs Hillary voters. They were exactly the same people, mind you… exactly the same people, older, but not one wit wiser.